Expectant Mothers - Lower Your Carbs...   

Study shows possible link between high-carbohydrate diet and ADHD.

Perhaps it's wise to avoid a high-carbohydrate diet during pregnancy...

A carbohydrate-rich diet could affect a pregnant woman's health and that of her child (see study).

Researchers found potential links to "conduct problems" and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) due to alteration of the child's DNA.

Prenatal ‘unhealthy diet’ was associated with insulin-like growth factor 2 gene (IGF2) DNA methylation at birth.

There's that carb-related insulin word again.

The researchers had to define the "unhealthy diet" via a questionnaire about things eaten during pregnancy.

High-fat diet scores were indicated by processed food such as foods fried in oil, pasties, and chips.

High-sugar diet scores indicated by confectionery like cakes, buns, biscuits, and chocolate bars.

We believe the researchers missed a great opportunity when they placed all fat in the same (bad) basket.

There are several types of fat and there are several types of carbohydrate.

They singled out the particularly bad carbohydrates which are "sugar".

They failed to single out the particularly bad fats which are unsaturated and trans.

Bias that all fats are the same. They inferred that all fats are bad.

That's not the case if you have been paying attention to the science and are not influenced by food marketing.

So, we should fine-tune their conclusions based on the foods they studied.

This is as simple as saying...

High-sugar with unsaturated and Trans fat diet scores were indicated by foods fried in oil, pasties, chips, cakes, buns, biscuits, and chocolate bars.

Things we call crappy carbs.

Acknowledge that they did not study the effects of healthy saturated fats.

Just as they did not study the effects of healthy carbohydrates.

If you think this is a minor point, you are missing the boat.

Pregnant women need to choose a healthy diet.

Keep in mind...

Policy is now changing to recommend that mothers should introduce peanut products at an early age to avoid allergies.

This was a no brainer to anyone who completed a high school biology class.

It was completely missed by pediatricians and nutrition experts.

The same thing is happening with high-carb diets.

No one has the guts to say... "Your kid is fat, and here is a way to fix it".

What the researchers missed was the fact that foods fried in oil, pasties, and chips are...

Unhealthy because they are high-carbohydrate and loaded with unsaturated oils that should be avoided.

These high-fat diets do not resemble the ketogenic diet which is...

High in saturated fats, low in unsaturated fats, and low in carbohydrates.

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