Being Fat is Not Cool...   

Somebody has to say it...

Your loved ones don't have the guts to tell you.

Your doctor may bring it up, but fat people are more likely to get sick and return to the office.

Nutritionists rarely have the training to fully understand human physiology.

Physical trainers focus on one half of the equation...

The worse your diet, the more you need them and their coaching.

Politicians are crafting the next healthcare bill in Congress.

Surely someone has told them that costs are correlated to the number of fat people in the population.

Come up with policies that reduce body weight and the budget deficit.

The food industry should do it....

The food industry should tell you that those sugary treats are making you fat!

They should tell you to stop buying sugary treats. OK.

The pharmaceutical industry has the guts to say it!

They've got money-making drugs to treat your diet-induced hell.

Embrace your heft, your diabetes, and these new drugs.

Television shows think it's cool.

Just don't lose too much weight Melissa.

You may have to rely on that Sean Spicer impersonation to make a living.

So what's the point?

It's not OK that half of the population will get type 2 diabetes.

The other half can't afford to pay the bills.

You already know that being fat is bad for you.

Being fat is also bad for the other guy.

The people who make money off of you should have the guts to say...

You eat too much!

You eat too much sugar!

The doctors, politicians, business people, and paid experts see diabetes, obesity, disease, and sugary foods and say...

Now that's a money making combination!

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