KETOGENIC LIFE Lose weight without exercise or ever being hungry!

Ketogenic diet lowers blood pressure and improves LDL cholesterol...

Does it help fight heart disease?

Here's a brief explanation...

If you have high blood pressure, your cardiologist will prescribe a diuretic.

Then a beta-blocker, then an ace-inhibitor, and a calcium channel blocker.

Never once will they tell you to eat more fat and restrict carbohydrates.

That would make your liver store less saturated fats (your sugar diet has you storing saturated fats).

It may also raise your LDL, but in a good way...

The LDL produced by your high-fat ketogenic diet are larger in size and not linked to artherosclerosis.

Small LDL particles from a high-carbohydrate diet cause deposition of fatty plaques on inner walls of arteries.

LDL particles are more likely to get stuck in places where there is inflammation.

Why shifting to 3-omega fatty acids is important...

You stub your toe.

Your body's first response (after cursing) is inflammation.

That's a critical part of the immune response.

Eventually, the healing process reduces inflammation.

Ideally, your diet would support this balancing act...

  • one 6-omega fatty acid (increased inflammation)
  • to every 3-omega acid (reduced inflammation)

Americans ingest at least fifteen 6-omegas to every 3-omega.

LDL particles get stuck in inflamed artery walls.

The 6-omega fats used in fast-food fries may be to blame.

A "Keto" knows to reduce the 6-omega-rich unsaturated fats that cause inflammation.

Increase the 3-omegas that reduce inflammation.

A "Keto" eats more fat. The right fats.

Eat things like salmon and flax, both high in 3-omegas.

Avoid unsaturated fats that are 6-omega-rich.

So doctors should tell us to eat more saturated and monounsaturated fats.

They won’t.

Take those 3 blood pressure drugs, your statin, and come back in 3 months with your co-pay.

Blood pressure often drops with a low-carbohydrate diet.

The ensuing periods of ketogenesis will result in lowered sodium and blood volume.

Things the diuretic pill were prescribed to do.

You may actually need to add salt to your high-fat diet.

Another benefit... Avoid Diabetes.

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