KETOGENIC LIFE Lose weight without exercise or ever being hungry!

Lower your risk of developing diabetes...

I'm just a bit overweight.

I'm not worried about type 2 diabetes.

Should I be?

Here’s where doctors and society have it all wrong.

Check a BMI calculator. Everyone is a bit fat.

OK, you see a really fat person. You learn that they have diabetes.

Maybe a small part of you blames them for being fat and getting diabetes.

Medical experts tell them to lose weight, so it must be their fault.

Hey, maybe they got what they deserved.

And you would be wrong just like the experts.

Just a reminder, the experts are pushing the high-carbohydrate meal plan.

Back to the overweight person with diabetes. Let’s back up a few decades before they were so fat and so diabetic.

They followed the expert dietary guidelines.

They ate moderate amounts of fat in relation to all of the starch and carbohydrates in those crispy french fried potatoes.

To make matters worse, they were combining carbs with the wrong kinds of fat, causing inflammation.

Quickly look in your pantry. Everything is high in carbohydrate. Even if it is high-protein, it is high-carbohydrate.

So, the eventually fat diabetic ate a ton of sugar (carbs) and became fat.

Therefore... Obesity leads to diabetes!


The future type 2 diabetic ate a ton of sugar over decades assaulting their cells with glucose and insulin.

To protect the body, the liver turned the sugar into saturated fat and shipped it off to their belly.

But the sugar assault continued every day!

A bit went to energy. The rest went to fat.

Their body could not burn fat (go into ketosis) until glycogen and glucose were depleted.

And the sugar assault continued. The cells were losing the battle and the insulin level was always high.

The cells became insulin resistant.

The person was fully on their way to type 2 diabetes. Drugs and constant medical attention.

At levels in the US that will bankrupt the nation.

The point is this...

Being overweight does not cause diabetes!

Better to think…

A once normal human body did its best against an onslaught of sugar.

A natural defense mechanism against unlimited carbohydrates. Turn sugar into fat.

Their high-carbohydrate, no ketosis (no fat burning), lipogenic (sugar) diet gave them diabetes.

The dietary guidelines promoted by thousands of medical experts gave them diabetes.

The next time you see a type 2 diabetic, give them some credit for having fought such a valiant battle.

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