Lose Weight Without Exercise - Lower Your Carbs...   

Proof that you don't need exercise to lose weight!

Simple math using USDA recommendations to make a point.

Let's take an average female that is not pregnant and not lactating.

We look up this woman's Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) and it sets her daily caloric need at 2000 food Calories/day.

That sounds like a sound recommendation.

Here's the crazy part...

The "experts" have the food pyramid upside down!

Fat = 44 to 76 grams per day (top of the pyramid)

Protein = 44 grams per day

Carbohydrates = 220 to 317 grams per day (base of the pyramid)

The guidelines tell this woman that she should be eating mostly sugar and starch.

Let's complete our example using the expert's upside down food pyramid...

Carbs and protein contain about 4 Calories/gram. Fat contains about 9 Calories/gram.

So let's make two diet plans...

One plan removes all fat. - That would only eliminate 556 Calories.

Removing carbohydrates looks like the way to go! - That would knock out 1139 Calories.

You can actually double fat intake.

And drop the diet to 1560 Cal/day!

If you eliminate carbs.

Keep in mind...

  • There's no minimum daily requirement for carbohydrates
  • You don't need to ingest carbs to survive
  • Your body makes carbs by metabolizing fat
  • Leave out all fats/proteins and you won't live very long

It's ironic that a doctor will tell someone to cut back on fats.

And exercise more.


What good will that do if you don't cut out the carbs?

It's just dumb advice.

So, let's perform the same math with a less-dramatic diet.

This time, let's flip the food pyramid...

Same 2000 Cal/day DRI as above, but this time carbs at 8%, proteins at 20%, and fat at 72%.

Carbohydrates = 160 Calories/day (40 grams/day)

Protein = 400 Calories/day (100 grams/day)

Fat = 1440 Calories/day (160 grams/day)

No diet here... The DRI is still 2000 Cal/day as recommended.

That 40 grams of carbohydrates... almost low enough to flip the switch (ketosis) to burning fat.

You may need to get it closer to 20 grams.

Crossing that line should result in weight loss if you cut back Calories.

Let's keep proteins low.

Let's reduce carbs from 40 to 20 grams/day.

Let's reduce fat from 160 to 120 grams/day.

Carbohydrates = 20 grams/day (80 Calories/day)

Protein = 100 grams/day (400 Calories/day)

Fat = 120 grams/day (1080 Calories/day)

80 + 400 + 1080 = 1560

A reduction of 440 Calories/day.

Twenty-two percent fewer Calories each day.


No sugars... No conversion to belly fat.

Weight loss without exercise.


A cookie a day could wreck everything.

You need to read labels and find the useless carbs that push you over 20 grams.

That small difference is the key to ketosis.

And... you will begin burning adipose tissue (body fat) if you keep your caloric intake just below your body's energy demand.

At that point... exercise (or work) is no longer silly!

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What if you did get physically active?

You would lose additional weight.

What if you were physically active and cut back on the fat intake a bit?

You would lose additional weight.

What if you had additional nutrient-rich carbohydrates and exceeded the 40 gram/day target?

You would probably stay thin and be healthy.

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