Smarter to Exercise After You Lose Weight...   

We've already explained...

Why you don't need exercise to lose weight following a ketogenic lifestyle.

We've made this point... If overweight and downing endless carbohydrates - Exercise is a waste of time.

But that doesn't mean you shouldn't exercise.

It's simply smarter to exercise after you shed the pounds.

That won't make the sellers of exercise equipment and fitness monitors happy.

They promote gadgets that promise weight loss via exercise.

Nothing to help you decrease your caloric intake.

In fact, they set you up to fail.

You'll eventually buy the next gadget.

And look what you were going to do....

You were going to take that overweight, out of shape body and run miles every day.

Or maybe buy some goofy looking piece of plastic that you stand on while doing The Twist.

Forget all that!

You're smarter than that!

Lose the weight first by eliminating carbs from your diet.

Then, when you are lighter and tighter, you can start a moderate exercise regimen to tone your thinner body.

You won't get discouraged. You may actually increase your exercise regimen.

It's easier to exercise when you can see the results and feel good while doing it.

So here's the plan...

Ask your medical professional if it's OK to switch to a ketogenic diet.

Lose weight.

See the results.

Feel good about yourself.

Escape the overweight carbohydrate world.

Then exercise your ass off!


Research shows that a high-fat diet leads to weight loss without exercise.

Example based on Dietary Reference Intake.

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