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When You're High-Carb

When You're Low-Carb



Sugar produces short-term energy.

Excess sugar becomes body fat.

Nutritious carbohydrates help maintain overall health.

Saturated fats become energy.



It has to manage the sugar that you eat without concern for what happens to your brain.

A sugary meal raises blood glucose levels.

The pancreas releases insulin which causes the liver and muscles to take in glucose.

Insulin works with your liver to convert excess sugar to fat and cart it off to your body.

When blood sugar gets too low...

The pancreas oversees the release of stored glycogen as glucose.

The pancreas has very little sugar to contend with.

Insulin levels are usually low.

Cells are not constantly bombarded with insulin.

Type 2 diabetes is uncommon.



Brain has only one fuel source.

When blood sugar gets low, it tells the liver to convert glycogen to glucose.

Glucose is released into the blood.

The brain stays on a steady sugar high.

The brain does not control the pancreas.

The brain simply has to control the craving for sugar.

It makes you hungry.

Ensuring that you will eat more sugar.

Brain has two fuel sources.

Ketones are the main source.

Glucose can be used if needed.

This brain rarely makes its owner hungry.

Body fat satisfies the brain's energy demand.



Unlimited sugar circulating in the blood.

Insulin carts the excess to the liver where it is converted into fat.

The fat is distributed around the body.

The fat is not an energy source.

It can't easily be burned off.


Eventually... the sugar causes diabetes.

Medical professionals say lose weight.

They fail to explain that sugar is the culprit.

Obese person cuts back on dietary fat.

Eats more sugar.

Diabetes often follows.

These people typically lose weight without trying.

There are no sugary foods for the body to turn into fat.

Body fat becomes an energy source.

Body fat gets burned and is only replaced if excess fat calories are eaten.

There is no medical professional worried about diabetes.

The kidneys function better.

There are often fewer inflammatory illnesses as unsaturated fat intake is low.



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