KETOGENIC LIFE Lose weight without exercise or ever being hungry!

Understand your metabolism...

There are two types of people:

Ketogenic people eat more fats than carbohydrates and their metabolism turns the food into fatty acids and ketones.

Lipogenic people (the US population) eat mostly carbohydrates and their metabolism turns the sugar into fat.

Forget the old adage that you are what you eat.

It's more accurate to say...

You are what your body turns your food into!

This divergence into two types came about with the food industry...

   And the unlimited number of products that corn and grain can be processed into.

You see, back in the old days (really old - like during evolution of man), humans had to eat whatever was around.

During Spring, Summer, and Fall, there was an abundance of carbohydrate-based foods.

Humans burned the carbs for energy. Stored the excess as fat.

Then... Winter returned.

During Winter, fewer carbs were available, so humans ate proportionately more protein and fat.

Their hormones knew to keto-adapt and completed the transfer from sugar to ketones.

Then... Because Winter is longer than most people like, the endocrine system adapted to burning body fat (adipose tissue).

Spring returned.

Eventually enough carbohydrates (sugars and starches) to run their bodies and store fats for the next Winter.

And then this natural way of staying fit ended.

The food industry was born.

Enough economic clout to influence experts who should be telling you that sugar and starch are bad for you.

Unlimited carbohydrates, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Hey, it's always Summer somewhere!

Don't blame your endocrine system...

It didn't change one bit with the over abundance of sugary foods!

Your high-carb diet leaves your brain with one fuel source.

When low blood sugar is detected by your brain, the hypothalamus stimulates the pituitary to release hGH.

hGH stimulates your liver to convert glycogen to glucose and release the glucose into the blood.

The increased blood sugar tells the hypothalamus to slow the stimulation of the pituitary.

The brain stays on a steady sugar high.

Your brain is addicted to sugar...

It will do anything to stay "fueled up".

If your brain is running out of sugar...

It will let your body drop to the ground before it gives up that last bit.

In a low-carb diet and ketosis, your brain has two fuel sources.

Glucose and ketones.

A Keto's brain is not addicted.

Those sugary donuts are not irresistible.

But how about the rest of your body??? (Keep Reading)

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