KETOGENIC LIFE Lose weight without exercise or ever being hungry!

But how about the rest of your body???

The pancreas. It works independent of your brain and pituitary.

After a sugary meal, blood glucose levels are high.

The pancreas releases insulin which causes the liver and muscles to take in glucose.

When blood sugar gets too low...

The pancreas releases glucagon which binds to liver cells making them release stored glycogen as glucose.

When you work or exercise...

Insulin starts out high and drops over time.

Glucagon starts out low and increases.

If you sit around not working or not exercising...

Insulin completes its second mission... fat storage.

After a bowl of sugary cereal...

Insulin tries to pass the glucose to any cell or organ that isn't already on a sugar high.

Once sugar has you bouncing off the walls...

Insulin works with your liver to convert excess sugar to fat and cart it off to your belly, butt, arms, face...

All the places that you don't want to find it.

Why can't we burn fat whenever we want??? (Keep Reading)

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