KETOGENIC LIFE Lose weight without exercise or ever being hungry!

Ketones. What the heck is a ketone?

You eat fats which your body breaks down into fatty acids.

They can’t get across the blood-brain barrier, so not an energy source for your brain.

Luckily, your liver is smarter than the people responsible for today's carb-rich dietary guidelines.

Your liver turns those fatty acids into ketones which are a great source of brain energy.

Ketones are a cleaner source of energy.

They are also important in cell maintenance and as chemical messengers.

What should you do?

Don't diet!

Don't sign up for an expensive small portion TV-dinner program.

Don't order arsenic-laden brown rice extract protein powder that has you tone it up!

Please, no exercise outfit or gym membership.

See why people on a higher fat diet don't need to exercise to lose weight.

You do need to answer this one...

Should we burn fat or carbs for energy??? (Keep Reading)

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Ketones are a great source of brain energy.

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Don't pretend to be Keto…

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