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Should we burn fat or carbs for energy???

Your body derives energy from either sugars, proteins, or fats.

Let's get protein out of the way.

Protein can be metabolized to glycogen/glucose when your diet is optimized, but it's a minor source.

It can also serve as an energy source during starvation where you are eating up your own muscle.

Now, the real contenders...

Fats contain more than twice the energy per gram compared to sugars.

And you can store fat.

You can store very few carbs.

Your body can only store about 2 teaspoons of sugar. That's it.

If you want the same "gas mileage", you have to carry the carbs on your back.

Cavemen carrying a spear in one hand and a bag of corn and wheat in the other.

No, they had a spear in one hand and a club in the other.

Imagine throwing the spear and then being defenseless?

Or, throwing the spear and then having to hit your injured prey over the head with a bag of wheat?

In other words...

There was an evolutionary advantage to burning fat as the main source.

And to burning carbs when you find a berry (spoiler alert: the guys with the bags of corn died out).

Our metabolism, our physiology evolved around fat.

Dietary fat.

Stored fat.

If you can actually get your body into ketosis (fat burning mode)...

You will tap the better, longer lasting energy source.

Here's the problem…

Your body can’t go into ketosis until the carbohydrate-derived glucose and stored glycogen are depleted.

There’s actually a tiny little guy in there with a STOP sign.

The good news… Your body can actually store very little glycogen.

Let the cells burn up all that glucose, run through those limited glycogen stores, and burn fat for energy instead.

Goodbye love handles.

But there’s a problem… (Keep Reading)

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