KETOGENIC LIFE Lose weight without exercise or ever being hungry!

Don't pretend to be Keto…

Every overweight person (and that's just about everyone) is looking for a quick fix.

Especially just before a beach vacation.

If you follow the Keto lifestyle, you've found the solution.

It really works if you follow it!

What if you pretend to be Keto?

What if you say you are Keto when hanging with your Keto friends?

Eating their healthy-fat, low-carb foods to make it look as if...

You too will be losing weight!

Then you go home and down a bowl of pasta or a box of donuts.

What will happen?

You'll blow up like a tick!

Your body is unable to do anything with the extra dietary fat.

Other than stick it on your butt!

They can eat that 1000 Calorie delicious cheesecake because their bodies have keto-adapted and it's an energy source for them.

It's their main energy source.

For you, the pretender?

It's just one more pound of fat on your oversized butt.

So don't pretend. You're not Keto unless you embrace the entire lifestyle.

That's why we are critical of quasi-Ketos who spend too much time looking for keto recipes.

A true Keto does not need keto recipes.

They simply buy low-carb, nutritious foods, cook them and eat them.

Just like they did before figuring out that sugary carbohydrates are poison.

Less time surfing for recipes and more time buying the right foods.

Throw green leafy veggies in a bowl with some avocado oil, cheese, olives, protein and eat it.

Salad prepared by someone who knows not to add sugary carbs? - KETO

Salad prepared by someone dumb enough to add sugary dressing or beans or sugary beets? - NOT KETO

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Don't pretend to be Keto…

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