KETOGENIC HEALTH Lose weight without exercise or ever being hungry!

One way to explain so many ketogenic success stories...

To keep your immune system in balance...

Your diet should contain equal amounts of 3-omega fatty acids and 6-omega fatty acids.

The 6-omega fatty acids are the raw materials that support inflammation.

The 3-omega fatty acids are the raw materials that reduce inflammation.

You fund these two competing forces through your diet.

It starts when you shop for food or eat out.

You are supposed to keep the two armies at equal strength, but you don't.

The typical American diet contains at least fifteen 6-omega fatty acids to every 3-omega.

That's 15:1.

Many experts think it's closer to 20:1.

So, adding 3-omega fatty acids to your diet isn't enough.

You have to cut out the 6-omega fatty acids first!

A healthier, reduced inflammation diet...

  • one 6-omega fatty acid (increased inflammation)
  • to every 3-omega acid (reduced inflammation)

Fish oil capsules and salmon dinners won't get you to the proper balance.

To reach the proper balance...

You must eliminate 6-omega fatty acids (which cause inflammation).

Unsaturated fats are 6-omega rich.

These are found in vegetable oils.

They include corn oil, cottonseed oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, and soybean oil.

They are also found in many fish oils and egg yolks.

Everyone knows that Trans fats are bad for you!

They are found in crackers, cookies, and doughnuts (and most commercially baked goods).

Trans fats are also found in most fried foods, margarine, potato chips, and vegetable shortening.

Experts should tell us to eat more saturated and monounsaturated fats.

It's the only way to eliminate all of the inflammation producing unsaturated fats.

Choose the healthier healthy fats!

The people charged with keeping you unhealthy don't like us using a term like "healthy fats".

And now we've introduced healthier healthy fats!


Let's divide saturated fats into two groups.

One group is derived from plants.

The other group from animal sources.

The fats from plants may contain traces of fungicides, herbicides, and pesticides.

The fats from animals may contain traces of hormones, antibiotics, and all of the above "cides".

Some scientific literature links animal fat in the diet to certain human diseases.

That doesn't mean that the fat is bad for you!

It's more likely that chemicals that like to hang out in the animal fats are bad for you.

If you agree, it may be wise to avoid fats from animal sources.

You don't have to eliminate beef completely.

It just may be smarter not to be a beef junky.

Replacing most of the animal fats in your keto diet with saturated fats from plant sources.

Less beef, more olive and avocado.

Not rocket science.

Just a smarter way to use your brain and a Keto lifestyle to put healthier healthy fats on your table.

Many ketogenic success stories are based on reduced inflammation.

Things like gingivitis disappearing in a few months.

Or a doctor saying, "I don't like using this term, but your ulcerative colitis seems to be cured".

Improvements in diabetes patients.

People lowering their A1C without taking prescription drugs.

Reduced inflammation through higher 3-omega to 6-omega ratio.

Control of blood sugar through the elimination of most carbohydrates from the diet.

Important contributors to ketogenic success.

A low carbohydrate diet helps fight heart disease.

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