Lose Weight Without Exercise - Lower Your Carbs...   

So what are the keys to a successful low-carbohydrate diet?

      1. Stay out of the pantry.
        a. The only good things in there are oils, nuts, and mayo.
        b. Put these healthy things on the counter and nail the pantry door closed.
      2. Drink only water.
        a. No beer, no juice, no soda, no carbohydrates. Gin in place of wine.
      3. Never eat a vegetable that grows underground.
        a. No more potatoes of any kind.
      4. Eat green leafy vegetables, cabbage, brussels sprouts, and others.
        a. You need nutrients!
        b. Research the carb content online before visiting the store (fresh veggies lack labels).
      5. Reverse your bias against saturated fat.
        a. Saturated and monounsaturated fat is good.
        b. Polyunsaturated fat not so good.
        c. Trans fat is bad.
      6. Cook and enjoy the most incredible meals!
        a. Meats, fish, cheeses, healthy oils, bacon, sausage and a lot of things you grew up avoiding.
        b. There won’t be a side of pasta or potato or bread to fill you up, so...
        c. Always incorporate vegetables like cabbage and spinach into your meals.
        d. Top this off with grated cheddar, parm, and/or mix in some sour cream to create a sauce.
      7. Always have some sugar-free jello and whipping cream on hand when you have that urge to act stupid.
      8. Go online and find low-carbohydrate recipes and ingredients for your shopping list.
        a. Add variety to breakfast buying low-carbohydrate ingredients like coconut flour to make pancakes.
      9. Stick with it. Your body needs time to keto-adapt.
        a. Look up keto, keto-adaptation, ketosis.
      10. Eat some nuts, but don’t go nuts.
        a. Your goal is a more balanced natural diet where your body can enter ketosis from time-to-time.
        b. You don’t need to be “ketogenic” to lose weight, lower blood pressure, and have more energy.
        c. You burn fat, gain metabolic benefits, and most importantly, gain control of your health.
        d. You will also have healthier cells and organs and lower risk of carbohydrate-induced diabetes (CID).
        e. Once you break the carbohydrate addiction, you can fall off the wagon, have some ice cream, and get back on.

You can go high-carbohydrate when you have to.

A dinner out. A party. Have some cake.

Ketosis will resume after the splurge.

Your high-fat, delicious meals are waiting.

You take back control of your metabolism.

Leave the corny stuff (carbohydrates, conglomerates, and TV commercials) to the zombies.

When asked, a simple "I'm Keto" will do.

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