Lose Weight Without Exercise - Lower Your Carbs...   

You don't need exercise to lose weight!

If your diet is under control, exercise (or better yet, work) is healthy.

But if you are overweight and downing endless carbohydrates, then exercise is just silly.

OK, explain!

You have energy intake and energy expenditure.

If they are equal, you have a net energy balance.

If you eat too many Calories, then you will have a positive net energy balance.

Eat too few, and there is a negative net energy balance.

Your energy expenditure depends on your body weight and basal metabolic rate.

The energy you expend during exercise depends on the frequency, intensity, duration, and type of exercise.

Let's eat a 300 Kcal carbohydrate-rich energy bar each afternoon for a boost.

To burn that off, you will need to walk at a moderate pace for about 1 hour.

To pull this off, you need to maintain a net negative energy expenditure.

You can't consume any additional Calories.

You have to walk at a moderate pace for - one hour - every day - for about 3 months.

Then, you will begin to lose weight.

Then your weight loss stops.

It hits a plateau because your body weight and basal metabolic rate have gone down.

When you get discouraged, you will decrease your exercise regimen.

You then have a net positive energy balance and begin adding pounds at a faster pace.

If you don't get discouraged and keep exercising at the same level, you will enter the maintenance phase.

In maintenance your weight will stay lower, but you will add some pounds over time.

To lose additional weight, you need to lower your energy intake and/or increase your exercise frequency, intensity, and duration.

And, you have to find better ways to exercise (or get a physically demanding job).

Perhaps you feel run down and need a second carbohydrate-rich energy bar each day.

You will need to walk at a moderate pace for about 2 hours every day.

A moderate pace is around 3 mph.

You will need to briskly walk 6 miles every day just to offset the energy bars.

Now you see why advising an overweight person to exercise is just plain silly.

An overweight person is usually advised to cut back on fats and exercise without eliminating carbohydrates.

A recipe for failure.

No bun intended.

They will conclude that the low fat diet just didn't work.

Back to the soda and chips.

Have you noticed that we are focusing on cake, soda, and chips.

They are loaded with carbohydrates that make your body store fat.

The sucrose and fructose that will become glucose for energy causing that fat to be stored.

Cake and chips are also loaded with the wrong type of fats.

Unsaturated fats that cause inflammation.

I like to go into the pantry to sneak an extra piece of salmon!

No, you like to go into the pantry to sneak an extra handful of potato chips.

The point...

There aren't many fatty foods for you to sneak.

Visualize your food store. How much of the store's square footage is fat-based foods.

Very little in the dairy section. Almost everything there is low-fat.

Some fats in the meat section, unless they infused all that stuff with fructose.

Everything else is carbohydrate-based.

So, you will be sneaking more carbs than fats...

More donuts, less steak.

Medical nutritional experts tell you to cut out soda (they concede this one) and fat.

And keep a negative net energy balance.

And jumping jacks!

Their dietary guidelines make it impossible for Americans to keep a negative net energy balance.

While research shows that a high-fat diet leads to weight loss without exercise.

Example based on Dietary Reference Intake.

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