Lose Weight Without Exercise - Lower Your Carbs...   

Shopping for ketogenic food...

The good news is that you won't be spending much time cruising up and down the isles in the middle of the supermarket!

Most foods in the middle are carbohydrate-laden foods.

Start in the dairy section.

Look for heavy cream, half and half, unsweetened almond milk.

Ignore any package that says low-fat.

To make up for the missing fat, the food company adds carbohydrates.

Adding carbohydrates is a cheap way to increase Calories.

Increasing the Calories makes the modified food behave more like food.

Crappy food.

Look for packages that say whole milk.

Check to make sure it is unsweetened... you have to read the label.

Net Bad Carbohydrates (NBCs) have to be as low as possible.

NBCs are determined by taking the Total Carbohydrates (good and bad) and subtracting Dietary Fiber (good carbs).

That means that you need to buy foods that are high in fiber.

Fiber grams per serving are subtracted from total carbs to show the sugar/starch grams per serving.

We'll use peanuts as an example...

Not all peanuts are the same!

Dry roasted salted peanuts have 5 grams total carbohydrates, but 2 grams are dietary fiber.

That gives you a net 3 grams of sugar and starch per serving.

Food processors add salt and sugar to the mix before dry-roasting the peanuts.

Cocktail peanuts are better... Little or no sugar is added.

Honey-roasted peanuts are the worst.

Peanut butter is a keto favorite.

It has about 8 grams total carbohydrates, 2 grams dietary fiber, and 3 grams sugar.

That means that there are 6 grams net bad carbs (3 grams sugar and 3 grams starch) per serving.

Keep in mind that you have to tally your daily intake paying attention to serving size.

Peanut butter also has about 7 grams of protein and 15 grams of fat per serving.

So, which peanut makes the better treat?

Peanut butter is great when you want a little bit of sweetness with your protein and fat.

Cocktail peanuts have less sugar and take longer to eat. That makes the treat more of a treat.

Peanut butter also illustrates types of fat you should be looking for.

You want high-quality foods high in saturated fats.

Next-in-line would be monounsaturated fats (MUFA).

Last would be polyunsaturated (PUFA).

Peanut butter is 15 grams total fat, 2 grams saturated fat, 8 grams MUFA, 4.5 grams PUFA.

That's pretty close to a perfect food.

It's a mistake to compartmentalize your foods...

To look at...

  • peanuts as a source of carbohydrates
  • chicken as a source of protein, and
  • olive oil as a source of fat

Peanuts and chicken each contain considerable amounts of carbohydrates, protein, and fat.

Olive oil has no appreciable amount of carbs or protein.

Make a chart to tally carbs, protein, and fat from each food source...




Net Carbs (grams)

Fiber (grams)

Protein (grams)

Fat (grams)








Most of your daily energy supply can be derived from ounces of healthy oils like avocado and olive.

Use that as a positive...

You merely need to add vegetables and a protein source for nutrients and amino acids.

There is no metabolic need for bread, cookies, donuts, ice cream, soda...

And most other carbs that people claim they just can't live without.

The fact is... Those treats are proving to be one thing people can't live with.

Determining which foods contain too many carbohydrates is actually quite simple.

Take a look at crappy carbs to see how you can eliminate entire food sources.

Other things you need from the dairy section...

Sour cream and hard cheeses. The harder the better. High in saturated fat.

Eggs and butter. Mayonnaise.

Soft cheeses and yogurts if they are sugar free and high fat (but good luck finding these).

And moving around the store...


Be careful. Most meat products are infused with sugars. You have to read the label.

Buy pepperoni, salami, ham. Read the labels.

Olive oil. Avocado oil.

This is something you add to your food every day... 14 grams total fat, 2 grams saturated fat, 10 grams MUFA, 2 grams PUFA.

Flax seed and meal.

Add to your food every day... 6 grams total fat and high in 3-omega. Flax is 4 grams total carbs and all 4 are fiber.

Other things to buy based on fat type...


Avocado, avocado oil, olive oil, olives, peanuts, peanut butter, and peanut oils.


Avoid canola, soybean, sunflower, corn, and most vegetable oils.

Saturated Fat

Buy meats. Especially beef.

Full-fat dairy. Coconut oil. Palm oil.

Omega-3-fatty acids

Flax, lake trout, deep sea fish including herring, mackerel, salmon, and tuna.

Omega-6-fatty acids

Fish oils and egg yolks. Since the typical diet includes too many Omega-6-fatty acids, buy foods with Omega-3-fatty acids instead.

Green leafy vegetables... Spinach has fewer carbs than kale. Broccoli is the best thing you can eat. Cauliflower in the same camp.

You need nutrients...

This is why you should eat a huge salad every day!

Add artichoke, olives, walnuts, hard-boiled egg, olive oil, avocado oil, flax meal, cheese.


For the most part, too much sugar and pesticides. The one fruit to eat everyday is avocado.

Try avocado with olive oil and salt...

Wash the avocado, cut it in half, and remove the seed.

Sprinkle with salt and fill with olive oil.

Take a spoon and enjoy!

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