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The automated horse feeder attaches to a stall wall.

Plywood, screws, glue, and paint. We'll send you a link to design advice if you purchase the motor unit through our associates link to Amazon (below)…

A set amount of feed is dispensed through the wall several times a day.

Mimics natural feeding behavior. Feed is dispensed every 3 hours (through those cold winter nights when a horse needs to keep his internal furnace running)…

The heart of the system is a Wildgame Innovations deer feeder.

Feed drops on to a disk that spins when the timer says go. Quantity dispensed is also set by the user…


This hopper holds five 50 pounds bags of feed pellets which flow down to the spinning plate.

Yours can be smaller. We load 250 pounds during summer vacation (a neighbor checks in to make sure things are going well)…

The difficult part is to build a shoot that can slow the quickly ejected pellets.

Our camera got knocked over by feed missiles during our earliest test runs…

We can show you how to build the shoot and baffle to deliver a nice clean scoop of feed.

Notice the grass remnants our horse won't swallow…

We've tested this prototype for 6 months. We'll show you how to avoid feeds that can clog the dispensing funnel.

If your feed contains bits and dust, screen it before loading the hopper…

It's weather-proof, battery powered, and programmable…

Tell us if you buy the feeder unit via our link to
We'll send you a link to our page detailing how to build and operate your horse feeder.

A second battery can be charged and swapped every 2 weeks to keep the feeder running…

The feeder was developed for a horse that hasn't been able to swallow grass, hay, or beet pulp mash for over a decade.

The result… Blue-blue turns 38 years old in 2014.

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